Image by Farah

Farrah has been doing hair since 1986 and opened her business in 2003 at Knox and Travis. Image by Farrah opened its doors at its current location in May of 2014.

Farrah was a clothing designer, but she went into hair because she found more passion in designing hair than clothing. Her dream was always to bring a small team together.

Client Privacy Matters

When designing her salon, Farrah decided on individual suites because she wanted each room to be private for the benefit of the client.

A hair dresser is like a counselor for some people. Some clients come in and start talking to their hair dresser and just start crying and she likes that she can be that person for her clients.

The privacy of each suite allows each provider to get really friendly with their clients, which is something everyone loves.


Farrah wanted her salon to be a small, family-like team instead of a business team. Everybody on her team is nice to each other and helps each other. There is no competition – they step in and help each other’s clients whenever they can.

We at Image by Farrah are proud of what we do.

We Are Teachers

When people come in here, they are taught how to do their hair at the same time! People used to say ‘Farrah, you do my hair beautifully but when I go home I can’t do it the same way.’ So there’s an element of teaching.

We like our clients to be able to do the looks themselves at home. If their clients look good outside the salon, even long after they’ve been, it makes Image by Farrah look good.

Our Team